• Safal Client Business Design


    Human centric innovation, an understanding of culture through semiotics and ethnography and finding the sweet spot between desirability, viability and feasibility gives us newer business models.

    Case study: Safal
  • Mutti Client Innovations Product, Service, Process

    Product, service, process

    A holistic look at opportunities for growth and profitability- across new products, innovations, supply chain initiatives, brand strategies, retail strategies, organization culture and design, business model design, go-to-market strategies and socio-digital interventions, to create new consumer experiences - and organize them around users, rather than around supply chains.

    Case study: Mutti
    Mutti Client Innovations Product, Service, Process
  • Safal Client User Experience Design

    User experience design

    Mapping the customer's journey across touchpoints to create holistic experiences across digital platforms. We study consumer behaviour patterns to create the most probable user journeys and develop properties and strategies that engage - both online and offline.

    Case study: Safal
  • PGD Client Social Media

    Social Media

    Social media is no longer what it used to be, it's not even a cheaper version of advertising. It is the future of the only possible way to communicate to the customer, using content over advertising. We believe in creating brands that users don't follow but evangelize.

    Case study: PGD
    PGD Client Social Media
  • Safari Client Culture Studies

    Culture Studies

    Transposed solutions penetrate markets at a slower pace and require a much higher marketing spend than those that are culture specific. We study culture using semio-ethno tools to get deeper insights that shape behaviours.

    Case study: Safari
  • Dot Shot Client Packaging Design


    Packaging is what the consumer pays for. Not advertising, not even the product - as it is not experienced yet. It is the packaging that is the moment of truth. Consumers today are experimentative. They want to try new products, new brands, new variants and are taking decisions at the shelf. Market share battles are won at the shelf today and knowing structures, materials, messaging hierarchies, and packaging performance at 10, 5 and 2 feet is imperative to create packaging that wins.

    Case study: Dot Shot
    Dot Shot Client Packaging Design

  • Brand Strategy & Design

    Brand definition - positioning, core, essence, personality, tone of voice, brand design, brand architecture, brand equity studies. We create brands that create fans and not followers.

    Case study: Ceat
    Ceat Client Brand Design
  • Larsen Turbo Design Thinking Workshops

    Design thinking Workshops

    Workshops that employ visual thinking and experiential learning methodologies trigger newer brain synapses to cause behaviour shifts, internal alignment and breakthrough thinking across innovation, brand definition, internal culture and customer centricity, are designed to not simply arrive at ideas, but also to ensure ownership and a blueprint for implementation.

    Case study: Larsen Turbo
    Larsen Turbo Design Thinking Workshops




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