• What industries DY specialize in?

    DY is industry agnostic and has worked across B2B and B2C companies, from India to Africa, China to USA. DY has worked across Aviation to Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate to Consumer Products.

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  • I don’t have much of a budget. What’s the best way to proceed?

    We understand that some businesses, start-ups can be boot strapped. We have special rates for SMEs and start-ups.

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  • What services do you offer?

    Ours is an integral offering – business strategy, ethnography, culture studies, market research, customer segmentation, customer experience design, product innovation, product design, service design, packaging, brand strategy, naming, logo design, web design, app design, social engagement, UX/UI design, digital campaigns, SEO, workshops and more.

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  • How does UX/UI design fit into my broader marketing goals?

    UX/ UI is a user centric experience creation. We ensure a synchronicity between business goals and user behaviour to create a strong user engagement. We are not content creating a consumer base, we want to create fans. With more and more consumers going online to research a brand, or using social media to engage with a larger community, we have to treat them as potential fans that we must delight at every possible touchpoint. 

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  • What does the DY Digital Practice do?

    DY understands that India is different. It will see mobile users before consumers have used a desk top. They will be not necessarily proficient in English. We create a mobile first experience and approach a digital engagement bottom up rather than top down.

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  • What is Semiotics?

    Semiotics is the study of signs and symbol that represent a culture. We use semiotics to both decode and encode solutions.

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  • How do you create consumer personas?

    Since the user is at the heart of our work, we spend a lot of time to understand a consumer – not just superficially, but also what lies in their conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious minds. We understand behaviours, drivers and motivations and thus can shape behaviours.

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  • What tools and processes do you use?

    We use semiotics, the semiotic square, brand seed, brand definition framework, whatif scenario, scamper, brain walking, metaphor creation, prototyping, sequential iteration.

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  • What inputs do you rely on throughout your design process?

    We study consumers through a semiotics/ ethnography based research, we look at competition, we do cross category studies, we understand behaviours, we research materials, we look at product design and bring multiple stakeholders together for highly productive and insightful workshops.

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  • Why do you say change or die? What is human centric here?

    The consumer is changing faster than ever. Old values are dying, and new values are dominating decisions. From a strong saving habit, consumers are spending. Without guilt. If we keep the consumer at the heart of our business model – and not the product, we create an adaptive model. Businesses that do not change fast enough are dying.

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  • What business problems do you solve?

    We engage with organizations to increase revenue, the customer base, profits and market share. We approach the problem holistically and work across product/ service design, brand strategy, customer experience, business process restructuring, innovations, culture – internal and external and much more.

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  • What happens if I don’t like what DY Works comes up with?

    The DY process works with the client very closely along all aspects of the project. We ensure we are aligned with all stakeholders. Design for us is never a surprise; rather it is a logical strategic outcome of all work done.

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  • Who owns the rights to the work you do for clients?

    All work belongs to the client, and is finally delivered as such. All exploratory work done during a project is proprietory to DY Works unless paid for separately.

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  • How long does it take for DY Works to develop a brand?

    A strong branding exercise can take between 3-6 months depending on size, scale and deliverables.

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  • What is the difference between a brand identity and a logo?

    A brand can have a visual mark (the Nike swoosh) and/or a word mark (the words Nike or Coca Cola). The unit together/or a word mark is the brand identity.

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  • We just need a logo. Can you help us?

    We do not create a logo independent of a larger and immersive   exercise that involves research, strategy and brand definition.

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  • How much does a brand building exercise cost?

    A brand is built once. It is the DNA of the business and is finally what can attract consumers, investments, employees and favourable media. A strong brand is built on the cusp of consumer opportunity, competition gap and business strengths. It has the power to cut through clutter and grow the business. Branding is an investment. Advertising is an expense. Branding eventually helps in the overall valuation of a business.

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  • Does DY still do branding?

    Branding is a strong way to ensure consumer preference, premium and loyalty. We approach branding as a whole customer experience rather than just a logo or packaging design.

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  • What tools and methodologies are employed in design thinking?

    Design thinking is a practice. It is applied and it uses all your learning and domain expertise differently thus, a problem of lowering profits need not only be about low costs or introduction of premium products – it can be about lower costs or introduction of premium products, rather – it can be about a new business model itself. Even though some universities are beginning to offer it – it is a perspective in thinking, it is not new knowledge per se.

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  • What is design thinking?

    Design thinking involves looking at a problem as a whole. Thus, rather than saying you need packaging design, if the problem is identified as loss in market share, a different approach would take us to a business solution. Even if the solution is packaging design – by framing the problem as falling market share – you are ensuring that the task for the packaging is to fight competitors. Design thinking encompasses multi-disciplinary approaches to consider various scenarios and possibilities that result in highest impact.

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  • How long has dy been around?

    DY has been around for almost 30 years, having rebranded Dabur and Air India and created many Unilever brands.

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  • What does DY do?

    Design, branding, digital, packaging, product design, business strategy, workshops, research, ethnography, semiotics and culture transformation are just some of the range of services to deliver business impact.

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  • How can DY provide human centric business design?

    We study the evolving consumer through a cultural lens. As cultures evolve, you get a deeper understanding of residual, dominant and emerging discourses. If solutions are designed around a consumer or the demand side, they will adapt to the consumer as consumers change. If solutions are built around a product or the supply side – they can become irrelevant over time.

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  • What has changed at DY?

    DY was known for brand strategy and design. Today, it is taking on business solutions – and the competitive landscape includes management consulting firms as well. It operates at the cusp of business and design.

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  • What is business design?

    Marketing is different from sales is different from distribution is different from manufacturing is different from supply chain is different from …… REALLY? Does the consumer care? Looking at the whole through the user’s eyes gives rise to new business models built with the consumer at the heart.

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  • What does DY Works do?

    DY uses design thinking to solve business problems.

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