In a category which lacked clarity and was muddled with myths, we decided to create a solution for our brand which not only educates every stakeholder involved in the category, but also demystifies and simplifies the practices thereby helping it re-establish its perception in the category as the leader and letting it command a premium against the competition.



The task was to generate curiosity in the minds of the consumer about an unappealing category and simplifying things to them so that they can make the purchase decisions on their own and not rely on inconsistent influencers.


We used design thinking methodologies to immerse in the problem. We followed the journey of the cement bag and understood the various points of business stress.


From process improvements at the filling line, to solving for loading and delivery issues to innovating on packaging substrate to understanding how packaging can push leadership – we identified a whole host of improvements that helped the brand create a major disruption.


Most cement brands use trade names like HPC, Portland Cement, Slag Cement etc. - a product-centric approach where the manufacturing nomenclature is thrust on customers. We realized that even dealers were often unclear about the differences in various types of cement. Thus, we used a benefit-based nomenclature for ACC that signified Quick Setting or Water Proofing Properties. Other than that we worked on a retail intervention where the bags created a visual recognition while being stacked flat, the front of the bag not being visible to the naked eye, and created awareness of the entire portfolio through a display system. The impact was significant. The company took a price hike and saw a growth in every market where the brand relaunched.

Working on a category which was completely new to us, we realized that there are many questions and lack of knowledge gaps that the consumers are grappling with. We decided to take this opportunity and used packaging, retail environment, transit mixer trucks and a design thinking techniques to resolve these issues and helping the brand at the same time. With the help of our enthusiastic clients who stood by us and supported us in taking these bold decisions and making sure that it hits the market for a speedy launch, we achieved to create a big dent in the category. - Ishan Sinha





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