The CEAT tyres showroom/ shop-in-shop was not effective in communicating the range, tyre brands and benefits.


The current retail solution was expensive and not effective. Customers came in but left without any knowledge about the range.

Franchisees balked at the cost of materials and the time taken to implement the retail solution.

The brand image was suffering due to the shoddy retail environment.


An extensive ethnography study of consumers and how they behaved at the retail store. What information did they seek and all the questions of how, what, why, when, where were answered.

An extensive study of spaces, processes, and purchase decision making, the customer’s journey. An understanding of materials used, where the cost and time was added, where were the stress points.

We have rolled this design out countrywide, and apart from the immediate savings; we are seeing a significant increase in sales and retailer involvement. Prabhakar Tiwari, GM Marketing, CEAT


We worked on creating a customer journey and a customer experience, ensuring greater engagement with tyres on display. Ensuring clarity of features and benefits, and a display and shelving system, that allowed for effective communication. Using materials and processes that reduced material cost by 40%, and increased display area by over 55% to create the shop-in-shop.

Our excitement came from the enormous potential at creating savings and ensuring impact. - Anirudh Singh, Team DY




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