Create a brand of an anti-hangover drink in India, a category that does not exist.


Client Dot Shot

We worked with the client to arrive at format, packaging structure, packaging, positioning and branding.

Our immersion was to understand the world of drinking, particularly the work hard and party hard behaviours and the current hangover beliefs, codes and rituals.

This was one project where team DY saw many volunteers for the research.


To shift behaviours and ensure adoption, we needed to insert a new drinking ritual. The new drinking behaviours are no longer a drink or two some evenings in a week, it is either all or nothing.

Client Dot Shot

Binge drinking is common and hangovers while working the next day, a growing issue for millenials. The category was plugging a latent need.

The Dot Shot brand has surpassed our expectations. It has been received well by retailers and consumers and is doing extremely well in the market.Hitesh Patel, MD, Phyto Extracts


We needed a design that signified this binary existence of binging and abstention. The brand name and identity stood in the middle, as a neutralizing product between the all-or-nothing behaviour. The tagline “it dots the hangover” was a full stop to hangover. It was also derived from a basketball term meaning a special sleeve that aids performance. The format could not be pills - which signified medicinal usage. The ‘shot’ of format and bottle structure created a seamless drinking ritual, and could be adopted as a mixer/ chaser as well.
Client Dot Shot
Client Dot Shot

We were involved in the total creation of the brand from research and insights to product design and branding. We looked at creating a new belief that would shift behaviours and ensure adoption. - Abhijit Sanyal, Team DY

Abhijit Sanyal




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