A JV between Genworth (GE), ADB, IFC and National Housing Bank - the new venture needed to build trust and get established, without using its lineage as its primary story.


Client IMGC

Mortgage guarantee was a new category in India, the service is aimed at banks to free up capital - and the new category had to be established.

The brand had to be positioned such that it could be stretched to be a B2C brand in future.

What was harder is that the idea of mortgage has huge negative connotations in India.


Meeting banks and understanding what drives their behaviours, and identifying type of banks that adopt innovations, to determine the lowest hanging fruit for the brand.

Client IMGC

Bringing a deeper understanding to the promise of mortgage guarantee and identifying how adoption could be facilitated.

IMGC was looking for beyond design from a brand development specialist. The strategic branding approach presented by DY Works showcased their ability to understand and decode the needs of the financial services industry and our specific end customer. The branding initiative helped us create a strong initial foundation with partners, but also to differentiate us as a B2B and B2C brand.Amitava Mehra, CEO, IMGC


The brand promised certainty in an inherently uncertain category. Mortgage is a difficult decision - and the future is always uncertain. The brand essence ‘a certain future’ defined the promise for IMGC. The only thing certain about tomorrow is the SUN - which was used as a powerful metaphor for the brand across all touchpoints.
Client IMGC
Client IMGC

The Sun was a powerful metaphor, not just for optimism and certainly, but one that had the power to counter the negative connotations of mortgage. - Jagpreet Singh Sandhu, Team DY

Jagpreet Singh Sandhu




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