Mined diamond have stood for ‘forever’ and signified lasting relationships.


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How do lab-grown diamonds reach millenials in the US, displace mined diamonds as a symbol of love and marriage?

We needed to create a shift in belief that synthetic diamonds are ‘fake’ and ‘lower in value’.

Break through the highly cluttered American diamond market.


Research done with a US based semiotician, and extensive social listening, showed significant changes in millennials' approach towards goals and milestones in their relationships. They were not looking for protection of 'forever', but a partner to help them realize their own potential.

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While ecologically friendly and ethical was a valid platform for millenials, weddings were still larger than life affairs. Other lab-grown diamond brands were all talking eco-friendly, but in this category; the consumer was looking at a once in a life-time purchase. Eco-friendly was not the largest platform to appeal to all sections of US society.

My compliments do not do justice to the excitement that people have expressed over every aspect of what you have created. People have loved the concept, everything from the color of the brand logo, the direction of the digital media interaction, the customer base that we are targeting, the online campaign, and its execution – and most of all, ‘the little things’ video.Vishal Mehta, Managing Director, Pure Grown Diamonds


The new relationships were about enabling the partner to become a better version of themselves. The core promise of a bigger and brighter diamond resonated with the emotional promise of a relationship that enabled more. The brand was designed around the metaphor of the Magnolia flower – the largest flower in N.America, signifying purity and love.
Client PGD
Client PGD

Our social media interaction with US consumers has been really impactful with viral engagement across many posts and contests. - Boris Gomes, Team DY

 Boris Gomes




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