In India, water purifies, not merely cleanses.


Client Tata Water Plus

The dirty bucket of water used for mopping or an oily rag wiping a table are still considered an act of cleaning due to the usage of water.

All yoga rituals of dhauti or purging, use water to cleanse deeply. Water strips away impurities.

If the cultural belief is that water cleanses and removes, how can you make it believable as the one that deposits nutrients?


A cultural decoding showed two widespread beliefs in India where water had potency. Tulsi when hot, gave immunity and when had cold was spiritual in its powers.

Client Tata Water Plus

Water kept overnight in a copper vessel gave the water potency – this was a widespread belief, even though the practice had mostly died.

The restage has delivered one of the most spectacular results, with a swing in sales. Congratulations again, I am sure this is one of the most effective design changes this category has seen.K S Kuttaiah, VP & Head of Marketing, Nourishco Beverages


The long list of vitamins and minerals included Calcium, Zinc with copper at number six. We recommended copper becoming number one and call it copper water, tapping into an Indian cultural insight. The design incorporated the colour copper across the cap and the label, as a visual metaphor.
Client Tata Water Plus
Client Tata Water Plus

We puzzled over how vitamin water could work in India and were worried that it is not enough to create an aesthetic design. The product had to be meaningfully inserted in Indian lives. - Alpana Parida, Team DY

Alpana Parida




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