Pizza is popular across India, including smaller towns. Very often it is even made at home and Indianized with flavour and ingredients.


Client Francesco

Sales of pizza bases / pasta growing across, as is evident on shelves of not just modern trade, but general trade kirana stores as well.

How could Mutti find a place in home pantries and ride on the home-made pizza/ pasta wave?

Why have pizza/ pasta sauces never taken off in India? Their sale is fractional compared to pizza bases or pasta.


An ethnography study of Indian kitchens to understand how ready to cook ingredients are used, helped our understanding of things kept in glass jars, and behaviours and perceptions thereof.

Client Francesco

Traditional foods such as ghee, pickles, jam or modern foods such as olives, mayonnaise, gherkins were all in glass jars and taken out with a spoon or a spatula. There was no behaviour of a jar being overturned and contents being used for cooking.


We had to design with the cultural understanding of the value connotations of things in a jar bottle and the usage behaviours around it. We understood that a major reason for the low adoption of this new category of pizza/ pasta sauce was the glass jar. For the client’s pilot, we recommended the use of pouches - even though jars had already been procured. At launch, the pouches outsold the jars 5:1.
Client Francesco
Client Francesco

India is different, and super-imposing international solutions in India does not work. Yoghurt remained a small category, till simply a change in name to dahi made the product so relevant to consumers. - Alpana Parida, Team DY

Alpana Parida




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